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Top 4 Quarantine Beauty Trends

Top 4 Quarantine Beauty Trends



It has been a long lockdown. A while since we stepped out, lived our lives like we know, or gone back to the way things were before the onset of this change. In the new normal, we have all taken a step back, to go back to the basics. Feeling good, and feeling at one has been at the forefront of our minds and hearts, in this unprecedented time.

It is no different with taking care of oneself-- feel-good skincare, make-up as a mood-elevator, we have found little way to make our time at home meaningful and find joy in the little things.

While some say the pandemic will change the way we shop for beauty and skincare, most of us have found ways of making ourselves feel at home, with newfound habits that are here to stay. 

1. DIY For The Win

With online shopping carts empty and favourite moisturisers  running out, most  people went back to the goodness of kitchen ingredients for glowing, healthy skin. Curd, honey, turmeric, tomato, avocado and lesser known ones - gram flour and potatoes. Readily available, time-tested and au naturale-- everyone’s go-to skin saviours in the lockdown.

We've been following The Dearist for the best skin, hair & face mask recipes.

2. Homestyle, Hairstyle

With salons shut and split-ends to care for, everybody’s quarantine buddy also turned into their default hairstylist. While some went all the way to a super-short hairstyle from long hair, a lot of them just took care of the bare minimum--trimming of the hair and getting rid of the edges, especially easy-breezy, manageable hair for the summer. Either way, nothing quite says new me like new hair, especially when it is literally the highlight of one’s day.

This video from Sharee Anonuevo is one of the best tutorials we found on how to give your hair a quick trim. 

3. Clean Beauty

The pandemic has shown us a mirror to our consumption patterns having a harmful effect on the environment. It has enabled people to discover homegrown, local skincare brands that use sustainably sourced ingredients, Indian remedies for skin concerns, all the while preserving the goodness of the planet we are blessed with. There is a silent pledge, a decision to switch over to clean beauty now, than ever before. Everyone is keen on knowing where the products come from, which local communities are growing them, discovering ways of empowering them and what the ethical business practices behind their favourite skincare products are. 

Our favorite homegrown clean beauty brands are Ruby Organics and Juicy Chemistry.

4. #NoFilter Beauty

Everyone has a beautiful selfie from golden hour saved on the camera rolls, this lockdown season. While it may be #NoFilter, there is a sustained skincare routine that goes behind it. Everyone has moved from eyeshadows, contour palettes and lipsticks to face serums, essential oils and products with vitamins. Vitamin C serums, hydrating moisturisers and sheet masks have been the skincare staples. Perfect for me-time, facetime-masking and for radiant skin that finally gets the routine it deserves.

Here is a recent study conducted on how people are embracing their skin in ever shape and form.

While the world adapts to the new normal, we are finding ways to spend time and take care of ourselves in the one place we will be spending most of the foreseeable future at--HOME. Kitchen remedies, new hair, and, radiant, healthy skin from within have been the tiny gifts of an extended lockdown. Back to basics, even when it comes to skincare and beauty, is clearly here to stay.


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