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My Moment Of Truth: Less Is More

My Moment Of Truth: Less Is More

It is day 73 of isolating at home and I have just stepped out for a walk by the sea at golden hour. 
All this time, like so many others. I am thinking of how clean the air is, how beautiful the flowers look and how the trees and birds feel free like never before. 
We all know the earth is our only home. The only place we have loved, grown in and been nurtured by. Yet, it is only now that we have time to pause. When our lives have been pushed back, schedules have been put on hold and bucket lists are for another day.

Looking back on every day, I realize that living with less has been an eye-opener. Of how little we truly need to sustain, survive and even live a little. All those years of hoarding clothes, make-up, sometimes picking quantity over quality. Not caring enough about what we add to the multitude of consequences in the world. On the environment. I understand, now, that conscious living was not a choice waiting to be made, it was a realization waiting to be lived in. 

The choice of exhausting what I have before I constantly buy more, thinking of whether I truly need to constantly “add to cart” as impulsively as I do, thinking about the far-reaching consequences of all my actions- from using no plastic, to choosing organic fabrics and small business for my clothes- realizing that everything I do or choose today, impacts the home I live in and the people I share it with. 
So while I choose conscious consumption and more environment-friendly choices, I cannot help but say a silent prayer that it’s not too late. That everything we decide from this moment and phase of our lives, counts for more and adds to goodness. That this new way of being, of looking around and being grateful for the world and doing enough to save it for ourselves and everyone around us, is here to stay. 

For so many years now, a sustainable life has meant different things for different people. For me, I now realize it’s about living with just enough for myself, preserving the goodness we are blessed with and carrying the desire to give back to fellow beings we share our home with. 
With gratitude that what we have keeps us going, and fortitude to rise with our new normal. 

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